About time

I would like to commend the Jordan Times for yesterday’s editorial “The Nashama Spirit”. It is about time we recognise the importance of sports in empowering communities, strengthening nationalism, and promoting the culture of positive competition and meritocracy.

Recognising the power of sports in general and football in particular in uniting people and building resilience, HRH Prince Ali has toured more than 22 clubs around the Kingdom in an effort to assess their needs. There is lot we can do to help. It is our duty. They do represent, after all, the backbone of our national teams.

Prince Ali will soon present a comprehensive report to all stakeholders in the public and private sectors that outlines a clear strategy on how to help these clubs move forward. By building the basic sports infrastructure, for example, the government would essentially be addressing the needs of Jordanian youths, giving them an opportunity to realise their potential and ultimately represent Jordan regionally and internationally.

Our Nashama are truly a source of pride for all Jordanians, but as your editorial has noted, they cannot succeed without your support.
Merissa Khurma, Director, Office of HRH Prince Ali Ben Al Hussein, FIFA Vice President – Asia